I am Heather Steele.

I invite you to take the first step in a transformational journey. Through Integrative Holistic Coaching, growth, and development, your life can transform. I believe you can have the life experience you envision. I believe that your unique blue print on the world is your Legacy of Love.

As a Facilitator, Coach and Founder of Steele Communications and Legacy Training Institute, I will introduce you to my Integrative Holistic Coaching techniques. Together we will explore and consider how you think, how you learn, how you feel and where you need to grow. I call it Boot Camp to Life Purpose Training. In the Discovery Process I will design a specialized coaching program specific to your needs.

My intention is for you to experience freedom while expressing your gifts and talents to the world. I will ask you to be your best self, not limited by your stories. If you are willing to risk being radically accountable for your greatness, I will see you in session.



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    Providing individual, couples and family coaching. Leadership and team coaching is also provided for corporations.

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    Leadership Training

    Steele Communications provides inspiring, experiential and creative training for business owners, leadership teams and entrepreneurs. Her progressive and fun approach results in higher performance and happier people.

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    Legacy Training Institute

    A six-month life coaching certification program that offers transformational growth and development through seminars, retreats and tele-classes.

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    Seminars, workshops and retreats are designed for transformational growth and development.